Easily tap into the enormous LTL market with ePallet

ePallet is a technology and logistics service that makes it easy and efficient to sell wholesale food by the pallet. We do all the work and you simply sell more.

Servicing pallet customers has never been easier

We are your only customer.
We handle everything.



ePallet offers customers real-time delivered pricing so their buying experience is easy and fast



Get paid on time. Eliminate credit risk, late payments and collections



No more back and forth! We handle all customer services, complaints, rejections and returns



Rest assured. We handle every problem.

ePallet is your only customer

Tap into the enormous LTL market but only deal with one customer – ePallet


No more hunting! All products information in one place

Items specs

Items specs

All item specifications, certifications in an easy-to-digest format

Nutritional info

Nutritional info

Your product nutrition formatted for the customers region or country

Photos and videos

Photos and videos

Zoomable product pictures and cutting videos to bring your product alive


Get started in 3 easy steps

1. Create Vendor Account

1. Create Vendor Account

Easily manage you company information and users

2. Upload Product List

2. Upload Product List

Upload one or many products easily

3. Start Sell Products

3. Start Sell Products

Get up and running fast and start tapping into the enormous LTL market!

Ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

If any queries send an email to help@epallet.com

plus-iconWhat are the fees that are associated with ePallet?

Currently the fees are $99 to sign up, $40/month after the 1st pallet is sold, and $75/item for photos and cutting videos to be taken

plus-iconWill someone be able to show us how to navigate the website?


There are helpful tools to help you navigate through the sign-up process. Use the tutorial videos  or click on the question icons next to specific fields or email us at support@epallet.com with your questions.

plus-iconWhat if my product list is not in an XLS format?

We prefer XLS but you are welcome to upload your product list in any format.

plus-iconWhat are the image guidelines if I'm providing my own product photos?

Standards for Product Images
- No watermarks or signatures
- Images should be in focus, professionally lit and photographed, with realistc color
- Retouching should be as seamless and undetectable as possible
- Backgrounds must be pure white (RGB 255,255,255) or transparent
- The image should not contain additional text, graphics or inset images
- The full product must be in frame
- The product should fill 90% of the image frame

Technical Requirements
- Minimum file size: 810 x 608 pixels
- Maximum file size: 1440x 1080 pixels
- File resolution: 72 dpi
- PNG (.png), JPEG(.jpeg/,jpg), TIFF(.tif/.tiff) files are accepted
- Color Mode: RGB

Product Shots

- Please note when uploading the photos to the platform, this is the preferred order:

A. Front.  Front shot of the single item

B. Back/Nutritional.  Front shot of the back or
nutritionals of the item

C. Innerpack.  Shot of the product as it
would appear inside it’s
packaging in the case

D. Staged Product.  Shot of the product
arranged for display.
Provide clear visibility and
please use white or clear

E. High Angle.  High front shot of the single item

F. Top.  Front shot of the top of the item

G. Bottom.  Front shot of the bottom of the item

H. Case.  Shot of the product in it's case

I. Open Case.  Shot of an open case, flaps open.  It shows how the product would look when received.





plus-iconI downloaded the XLS template, but I can’t find it.

If the file was downloaded, check your “downloads” folder on your computer, the template name is product_template. Open the file and copy and paste your information on the sample spreadsheet. Once you’re finished, simply upload it back into Step 2 of the sign-up process.

plus-iconI don’t know how to use drag ‘n’ drop. How else can I upload my product information?

Drag ‘n’ drop works by simply selecting the file you want to upload from your computer and dragging it to the center of the page into the drag and drop section. If this method doesn’t work, click on the “upload from disk” link and select the file you’d like to upload.

plus-iconWhy do we need to send samples for pictures and videos?

Photographs and video captures of your product(s) will show your potential customers:

Case configuration of your product as it appears when it arrives at it’s destination

Case labeling

Product labeling

Case UPC, bar code or graphic codes

Case dating and how it’s formatted

Location of Nutritional information

Product videos also answer questions about packaging, ease of opening, color, viscosity,  clarity, safety seals, etc

plus-iconWhat do you do with my samples once you’re done with them?

Samples are either donated or destroyed, we do not return samples.

plus-iconDo you share any of our information with outside companies?

We use third party providers to ship orders and to process credit card transactions. We only provide these companies the appropriate and necessary information. They do not store, share, or retain this information in any way.

plus-iconWhy do you need to know how long I’ve been in business?

We like to know as much as possible about our clients so that we may provide special benefits where applicable.  Sometimes, those benefits apply to those with a certain tenure.

plus-iconHow does ePallet make money?

We work on a small marginal increase, not affecting your net price.