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Super Lucky Elephant Basmati Rice 8/5LB
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8/5 lb
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Authentic, extra-long Basmati 1121 varietal

Super Lucky Elephant’s latest offering in the aromatic rice family features a very special, extra-long variety of basmati rice called 1121. This variety is among the most unique and in-demand basmati rice varieties in the world. Once cooked it is especially renowned for its appetizing flavor, delicate aroma, non-sticky texture, and the extra-long grain shape. Genuine 1121 basmati rice can only be sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. It takes the perfect harmony of climate, soil, and pure spring water to produce its extraordinary, aromatic attributes. It is here Super Lucky Elephant Basmati 1121 rice is grown, harvested, and aged following thousands of years of cultivation heritage and tradition.

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