25 Ct Hyleys Beet With Green Tea - Pomegranate Flavor
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12/25 ct
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Hyleys Beet and Green Tea is a soothing blend that energizes and supports focus. Drink hot or cold!

Natural Energy Boost: Feel revitalized as you enjoy the harmonious fusion of green tea and beet root, providing a natural source of energy. Enhanced Focus: Elevate your concentration and mental clarity with this unique blend, ideal for staying sharp throughout the day. 25 Tea Bags: Each box contains 25 convenient tea bags, making it easy to incorporate this energizing blend into your daily routine. Pomegranate Delight: Savor the natural pomegranate flavor, adding a touch of fruity goodness to your tea. Premium Ingredients: Crafted with care, our blend offers the benefits of green tea and beet root, known for their potential to boost vitality and cognitive function.

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