Pomegranate Juice Concentrate (32 oz)
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Unsweetened Pure Pomegranate Juice Concentrate (32oz) Quart

Pomegranates continue to gain traction for their heart healthy nutrients.* All Natural, 100% Fruit Juice Concentrates allow you to get all the nutrition of Pomegranates in a cost effective and convenient form. Each tablespoon of our delicious concentrate is equivalent to the juice from one medium-sized pomegranate. Enjoy the juice from over 64 pure pomegranates with every Quart you purchase. Pure pomegranate juice concentrate from FruitFast is flash-pasteurized to prevent prolonged exposure to heat. This helps to preserve enzymes, color, and also flavor. All of our fruit juice concentrates are 100% pure, all-natural, and not genetically modified. -FruitFast pomegranate concentrate is cold-filled and cold-stored in order to preserve its natural purity. -Each Quart Provides 64 Servings of Pomegranate Juice Concentrate -Supports Healthy Cardiovascular Function* -Helps Maintain Already Healthy Cholesterol Levels* -No Added Sugar, No Fillers, No Preservatives -100% Natural -Bottled in a PET 1 plastic, BPA free and fully Recyclable Container -Vegan -Non GMO -Certified Kosher *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Product information was provided by the manufacturer
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