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75% Canola Oil, 25% Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Totes
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1/1/275 gal
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gluten free

Custom Blend of 75% Canola Oil and 25% Extra Virgin Olive Oil packed in a 275 Gallon Tote.

This oil is a custom blend of 75% Canola Oil and 25% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These oils are blended to exact ratios to create an olive oil blend that has a light color and flavor, contains healthy EVOO and is low cost. You will taste a light olive oil flavor in this blend. Canola Oil is made from the seeds of the canola plant. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the first cold press of the olives, and it is the most premium grade of olive oil available. It has a rich color and a bright, fresh olive flavor. This product is great for every day use in dressings, baking, and cooking. Other custom blend ratios are also available. Each tote is a hard plastic encased by an aluminum cage frame, and contain 2093 lbs of oil inside. The tote has a valve on the bottom front side used for dispensing, with a built-in pallet below.

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