Apollo Baklava Pastry (12-1.5oz pieces)
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6/22 oz
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A classic Greek dessert, without any of the work. Thaw and serve our flaky baklava, then take all the credit for your A+ pastry skills (we won't tell).

Baklava, the delicious confection made with honey-infused layers of crispy phyllo dough, chopped nuts and spices has been a dessert staple in the Mediterranean, Middle East and the Balkans since the 15th century. With a first mention in the Ottoman Top Kapi Palace Kitchen Notebooks in 1473, baklava is the first recorded food made with phyllo. If you are a connoisseur of baklava, you're in for a mouth-watering treat with Apollo Baklava! The secret to the goodness of our baklava starts with our traditional Greek recipe and the love, care and high-quality ingredients that go into creating our pastry. Featuring seasoned, chopped walnuts nestled between layers of phyllo, our baklava is infused with a honey-lemon simple syrup. Apollo Baklava is as authentic as it is delicious. One taste of our delectable baklava and it could become an instant classic for you, too! Thaw before serving.

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