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Welcome to ePallet

Since the very beginning of commerce -- when ships travelled from one port to another trading spices and fabrics -- distribution has relied on optimizing the limits of physical infrastructure. Traders would have to ask “How many bundles can fit on the boat? Which items would our customers want?”

Today this $7 trillion US wholesale distribution market has evolved to rely on trucks and warehouses, but the gatekeepers still ask the same questions: “Which products deserve a spot in our warehouses? Which items should we show our customers?”

But because distributors have enjoyed control of supply and demand, there is another layer of consideration that the producers of bulk products are asked: “How much will you pay for your products to be in our system? How much will you pay to get them in front of our customers?”

The reason this stranglehold on distribution exists is that getting products from the manufacturer to their customers is complex, expensive, and for most companies, the logistics required to handle direct sales internally are daunting. Outsourcing to distributors was thought to be easier and the added costs of the distributor layer were accepted.

Simply put, the current supply chain model, where old-school distributors own commerce networks, data, customer lists, and supplier relationships, has continued because there was no other option.

Until now. ePallet is the first eCommerce marketplace platform designed specifically for bulk, B2B wholesale transactions. We have built a strategic marketplace that gives control to the buyers and sellers, not the middleman distributor.

Not only do we offer the only open network connecting wholesale buyers and sellers, but we also handle the complex back-office fulfillment process required for larger quantities, making it easier than ever for wholesale B2B companies to transact directly.

ePallet doesn't own a single truck or warehouse. Instead, we use technology to connect buyers, sellers, and third-party freight carriers. We offer an “all-in” delivered price to customers and handle the entire fulfillment process for sellers - from purchase to invoice including all logistics in between - to make transacting directly effortless and scalable.

The ePallet mission is to empower manufacturers and customers to take control of their supply chain by making it easy to transact directly. We’re calling it FaaST – Fulfillment as a Service Technology.

As consumers, we’ve all adopted the luxury of being able to get anything we want whenever we want because of eCommerce. ePallet believes it’s time the wholesale industry benefits from the same modernization.